Why I Made This Site

Cancer is a monster. That monster has attacked those I love. In my family alone we have experienced more than 10 cases of cancer and more than 5 different types. Many of these cases have been melanoma.

While I have known several victims of cancer, my family was blessed to be a family of SURVIVORS!

That is until September 11, 2008 when the youngest cancer survivor in my family lost her courageous battle at the age of 31.

This site is dedicated in her name, too all those who are fighting this monster. To the families who hold their hearts and hopes tightly in prayer that the battle will be won. To those who have fought the good fight and now live only in our hearts. To those families who now fight on their behalf. To anyone who wears a ribbon in memory of someone who lost their battle with this monster.

What you will find here

On the left you will find:

  • Lists of those lost to the battle as well as links to the pages where their memorials are located.
  • Resource websites on melanoma and cancer
  • Stores where you can purchase awareness merchandise
  • Links to poetry and words of loss

Below you will find:

  • Quick reference resources to help you identify melanoma to keep yourself healthy

If you have a melanoma or cancer website that you would like linked to this page, please leave the link in the wishes area below this post. I will happily link to any resource page, memorial site, or awareness merchandise shop!!